Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's going on with ibreviary?

If you normally rely on the ibreviary app for Android, prepare for a wild ride.

If you have to manually confirm whether to do updates on your apps, do not update ibreviary! Keep your current version a while longer, because the new version has some bugs to work out.

Apparently they have added an audio option. But this ain't no when it comes to audio. This audio is composed of (I'm making up this term) robo-words. And, in their English audio, it's English robo-words done by a native speaker of Italian. Many mispronunciations. Difficult to understand.

To put it another way: this English is like the text-to-speech feature on your e-reader, but in an Italian accent by someone who hasn't quite mastered English pronunciation. While the English of is like an professional audiobook.   Of course, ibreviary is free and is pretty pricey.  

I appreciate that ibreviary's good intentions, but I don't think many of us will find this a useful addition.  

In addition, the update of the app gave me lots of trouble just opening the app and being able to select English for the texts.  I had to uninstall and reinstall it in order to make it work at all.  After that, it began to work better, especiallly once I shut off the audio option.

Tell me about your experience with the new ibreviary app.


  1. It was bad before, always crashing, now it's worse! Slow to open, can't close it with return key. Only marginally better after uninstall/reinstall. When on Google Play under What's new" it tells you to un/reinstall and report crashes--not a good sign. Not a good idea to release a non-starter update in Holy Week! I wish I could go back to the old version!

  2. PS Do you know if Divine Office allows you to download a week at a time?

  3. On my Kindle Fire the Divine Office App gives me today and the following five days.

  4. Yes, six at a time including today so not bad

  5. The iBreviary for the PC hasn't changed but the new updated Adroid version for smartphones and tablets is awful ... doesn't work properly when it doesn't crash. Great shame; but the Missal seems Ok, although I prefer the version on Universalis

  6. I also noticed they have the Annunciation for Friday! I emailed them about that. Hopefully they'll fix it by Good Friday.

  7. I like to use my old Christian prayer book and my husband uses the online divine simultaneously with me. Why are the prayers sometimes different even when we are on the same day and psalms? Also sometimes the readings are longer on one of them. btw the annunciation is special to us because my husband proposed on that day! We will observe it in our hearts.

    1. Of course you would always observe it in your hearts on March 25th! And luckily you can observe it liturgically this year, because it has been carried over til April 4th (Monday after the octave of Easter), which is always done when March 25th falls during the triduum. There are several reasons you may find differences. Now and then these breviary apps simply post the wrong material for that day. But more often,on saint's feasts and memorials, they make use of legitmate options regarding use of the weekday office, the proper of saints and the commons of the saints. It's too comiplex to explain it all here, which is why I wrote a whole book about this kind of thing.

  8. Plenary Indulgence tomorrow ...
    On March 25 (Good Friday) we can earn a plenary indulgence because it coincides with the day of the Crucifixion of the Lord and His Incarnation. This coincidence only happens every 141 years. The next time round will be in the year 2157 !!!

  9. Looks like iBreviary has fixed most of the problems with the new version on the app. I did and un/reinstall last week and found it to be working OK.