Friday, July 8, 2016

More News on LOTH Revision

Check out this very interesting article at New Liturgical Movement. It's a report on the Sacra Liturgia UK conference.

Of particular interest to us Psalmsayers is the summary of the  talk delivered by Bishop Alan Hopes about our long  awaited new translation/revision of the English language Liturgy of the Hours. Here's an excerpt:

"Currently, the Advent/Christmas volume is at the Grey Book stage (ICEL's final draft presented to the bishops), with the other volumes still at the Green Book stage (ICEL's initial draft). However, Bishop Hopes did give the conference the news that the Supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours, containing saints added since the last typical edition, is at the Grey Book stage and will most likely be available for use fairly soon. He also noted that the CDWDS is currently preparing an official two year cycle of readings for the Office of Readings (long talked about!), which will comprise a fifth volume of the Liturgia Horarum, and that this is intended to be included in the upcoming revision of the English books."