Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Liturgy and Personality - Teaser

I've been asked to host one day of a virtual book tour by the publishers of a new edition of the classic work Liturgy and Personality by Dietrich Von Hildebrand. My detailed post about it will appear on Saturday, so be sure to check back.  Here's my teaser:

In my own book, writings on this blog, and when I speak about the Liturgy of the  Hours, a favorite theme of mine is It's not about you!   In other words, it's all wrong to reject praying the Office because the mood of these prayers, fixed for each day of the year  and time of day, do not always reflect your particular mood, or address your particular needs the way your personal conversation with God undoubtedly will.

I mostly argue that  our purpose in liturgical prayer is to pray for, and on behalf of, the entire Church, and in the very voice of Christ Himself. All of that must "increase" while I and my personal concerns must "decrease."

 Now I'm delighted to find that a brilliant philosopher and theologian has expounded on this theme with far greater brilliance and beauty than I ever could. In addition, although Von Hildebrand clearly agrees with the first part of my argument (It's not about you), he gently teaches me that the second part of my argument (it's about praying for the whole Church) is actually NOT the main point of the Liturgy of the Hours.

Stay tuned! 

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