Friday, November 4, 2016

Mindful of What?

I'm sure you've all heard about "Mindfulness". Read about it in magazines and blogs.

In it's short form, it just means slowing down, taking a few deep breaths, paying attention to the breaths, and paying attention to your immediate surroundings, hopefully with some appreciation.

In it's long, obsessive, faddish form it's almost a religion, with a whole set of books and accessories and courses that supposedly help you to be Mindful. This form is a kind of secular substitute for prayer.

This article by Heather King at the Mind&Spirit blog examines and explodes the Mindfulness industry.  If you are not already familiar with Heather's writing, then prepare yourself for a treat. She does it really, really well.

And you will love her final sentence!


  1. Have followed and been lifted by the words of Heather King for years. She is a gift and a blessing.

  2. I like mindfulness meditation and would love to do more of it, but between the Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, novenas, where do I find time to fit it in? Prayer just seems to take up all the slots when I might practice mindfulness meditation.

  3. Thanks very much for the link. I have always thought of mindfulness as an important aspect of understanding the world, but not an end in itself.

  4. Ms. Sockey,
    If possible can you make a post (or direct me to an already existing post) on praying the Office of Readings with the single version Christian Prayer book. Given that it has most of the elements but is missing a few things such as responsaries for the readings I have often been confused on what to do.
    Thank you.