Tuesday, May 22, 2018

From the New Liturgical Movement

How to Choose Art for the Psalms and the Divine Office: A Summary of Past Principles

If you want to see some of the best Christian art ever created (in my humble opinion) then do a search on google images for “Gothic psalters” or “medieval illumination”. By digging around from those starting points, you can see wonderful examples of Western and Eastern Christian sacred illumination. Unlike, most larger paintings, the pages have not been displayed for centuries in the light, and their colors remain fresh, their design sharp and clean...


  1. While I certainly wouldn't expect the upcoming LOTH-2 to have full-page illuminations, I do hope they will take a page out of the Mundelein Psalter's playbook and use a similarly pleasant, restrained, traditional aesthetic instead of the 1970s garishness we're used to in our current brevs.

  2. Tom, they should go for broke and print a gorgeous edition with full color illuminations.

  3. Mike, I could not agree more.

    By the way, no guarantees, but the 1962 St. JOHN'S Short Breviary complete edition is up for consideration as a reprint. We will see.

    1. Is it the Abbey itself that is considering reprinting it? I'd be very surprised if so.

  4. Replies
    1. Same. It would be to the EF to what "Shorter Christian Prayer" is to The OF.