Tuesday, May 1, 2018

National Catholic Register: How to Pray Before Your Daily Prayers by Kevin Di Camillo

The Liturgy of the Hours is, next to Holy Mass itself, the prayer par excellence.



  1. I love these prayers. I just thought of this analogy (perhaps it's been made before): if the Office gives us the privilege of having a formal audience in the heavenly Court of our King, the Aperi and Sacrosanctae are kind of like the preliminary letters humbly asking for that audience, and the thank-you notes following up afterward. You wouldn't just barge into an earthly Court unbidden, nor leave ungrateful, so how much more does the same apply to our heavenly Sovereign! I think it's very telling that they're making a comeback despite their suppression in 1955.

    1. Tom B.: Interesting; see p. 207, title 4:

    2. Good resource. And yes, the Aperi + Domine in unione, and Sacrosanctae + responsory, were never actually formally part of the Office to begin with; these were always optional, while the Pater+Ave(+Credo) were considered to be part of the actual hours, and it was these that were suppressed by Pius XII.

  2. Good stuff, I try to pray these before and after the Office as well.

    Recently I've also been trying to recite one of the poems from the back of the LOTH as well.