Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th Daytime Prayer - a good petition to make

From Psalm 19

But who can detect all his errors?
From hidden faults acquit me.

C.S.Lewis has a wonderful essay called "The Trouble With X".  I  have it in a collection called God in the Dock, but perhaps it appears in something else nowadays. It's about how there is always someone we have to live or work with who has some flaw or fault that really annoys, grieves, depresses, or otherwise makes us miserable. And no matter how you try to nicely make that person see and correct this fault, he just doesn't have a clue, and goes on being being unpleasant in that particular way. By the end of the essay, Lewis leads us to see that each of us also has a fatal flaw that we can't see, but that everyone else has to live with. And we are so clueless that we probably don't even think to confess this thing that makes life so difficult for everyone else. 

So this little psalm verse is a prayer to be aware of that hidden fault, and hopefully, with God's grace, to begin to remediate it.