Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Successes

I love joining the feature at Faith& blog. It forces me to realize that I have done somethihng right.
1. I overcame an attack of phone phobia and did a ton of interviews for several writing projects that I have going. At one point I was just sick to my stomach from it all, but forged ahead and Praise God! Its done!
2. I got back from a 2-hours-each-way trip to Pittsburgh that I have to make every few months with my son to see a specialist. Since Michael is really hyperactive in addition to being autistic, these trips can be purgatorial. Today's was no so bad and Praise God! It's done!
3. I overcame my indecisiveness and signed up for the Faith&Family Mother's Day Out. Anyone who is on facebook will have heard of this, so go there or to the F&F website for more details if you are interested. I know I should import the event link here, but you know what? I'm too tired.