Monday, January 2, 2012

Divine Office Resolutions for the New Year

Anyone make some resolutions regarding the Divine Office?
Maybe to pray it more consistently, or to pray  an hour you don't usually do?

Here's mine:
1. Consistenly say Daytime Prayer when its practically time for Vespers. I'm going to aim for noon, in the hopes it will be done no later than 2pm.
2. Try harder to pray Compline sometime before I'm ready to fall face down into bed from exhaustion. Say, between 9 and 10pm.
3. Explore the idea of singing or chanting at least a little bit of each day's Hours. Although I normally love to sing, it  just feels silly to do this by myself, so I've just ignored all the insistence in the General Instruction that singing is  important. True, the Instruction is largely addressed to religious who pray in community. True, laymen are urged to adapt the LOTH in any way that suits their situation in life, and reciting rather than singing seems to be a sensible adaptation. Still, I'm going to try this, maybe just one or two psalms per day,  and see what happens.  I'll let you know how this goes.

What are your Divine Office Resolutions?


  1. I have tried off and on the last year to pray the LOTH. A priest friend of mine gave me the 4 volume set, and I am completely overwhelmed by it! My resolution for this year is to try and learn to pray the LOTH, and not give up so easily when it becomes frustrating!


  2. Consider just doing night prayer (compline) for a while. It's the section right after the four week psalter. It's a seven day cycle, everything you need each night is in one place, and it's shorter than the other hours. When you're comfortable with that, add something else.

  3. Daria...what was the name of the book you use for chanting the LOH? ~Theresa

  4. It's the Mundelein Psalter. There's a link for it on my "Office Supplies" section.

    There's also a smaller volume from Ignatius Press that is just Compline.

  5. Try the following links for chanting the psalms. Unfortunatley there are only recordings for the two. But they come up often enough and they are so beautiful to chant with.

    There is also this one for the Canticle of Mary.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  6. I have a couple of comments:
    1) Doug - Don't give up. I bought the Divine Office for Dodos and followed it lesson by lesson. It took me six months to get through it where I was comfortable, and I still have to ask questions. Don't give up!

    2) My resolutions are ambitions:
    a) I am with Daria in that I want to pray the Compline earlier. I desperately want to have a solid Examen in my Night Prayer.
    b) I want to finally memorize Ps 95. Just can never quite get that one down completely. I always forget a stanza.
    c) I bought a Lectio Divina Bible from Paulist Press this year. I am planning on copying the Reflect/Pray Act into a nice 4-week psalter chart to use when I say the Psalms. Hoping this will coach my right brain to appreciate the Psalms. [this is my ambitious project]
    d) Not going to chant, but I am going to read the hymns instead of just skipping them

  7. I seem to go through spiritual peaks and troughs. Peaks--pray the psalter and, well, pray in general. Troughs--God who? So my goal this year is to at least pray the morning/office of readings and vespers, especially when I'm in a trough. It's a case of "power through!" During peaks I hope to go a bit more slowly and reflect and/or use the psalms for lectio divina. Also, I've been skipping Compline, because I usually pray Vespers late at night. I'm trying to pray Vespers earlier, and if it works out, I'll add Compline. I like Martin Doman's song "Night Prayer" which is compline, but by it's nature, is only one night. Still, it's a nice way to start. It's less than 5 minutes long and includes a hymn I'm fond of and the Canticle.

  8. I would add to your recommendation to Doug: add in one of the other Hours when we hit Ordinary Time. Don't try to learn a longer Hour during a special season, when it's more complicated.

    I am also trying to pray Evening Prayer earlier so that I can fit in Night Prayer, rather than putting off Evening until I'm nearly asleep. Not a new goal for me. I think I need to find a better way of approaching it.

  9. Doug, check with iBreviary or to see if you're on the right page. You'll catch on after a while.