Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcomes, Winners& Weekly Questions.

Welcome to the Coffee&Canticles member's list, MG, Elise, Russell, Amy, Michael S., Zita, and Rdifonzo. Whether you are a true newcomer, or a long time reader who finally clicked "Join this Site" just to boost my confidence that this blog really does get read, Welcome and thank you very much. 

Wednesday is Q&A Day. If anything about the Liturgy of the Hours has you scratching your head and wondering what to do next, please put it in a comment and I will do my best to answer. Russell almost had me stumped last week some mysterious shifting psalms in Daytime Prayer, but a little sleuthing through the breviary gave us the solution.

Remember the third book giveaway I announced a couple weeks ago. I announced the winners in the comments section of the giveaway post, and learned that readers don't tend to subscribe to comments! 
So, here's the list of winners again. I also will try to personally email each winner who actually has contact info available. 
The winners: Caroline, DeJanet, MadMaxi, Anon/Theresa, Christina,Anon/JJ, and Peony Moss. Peony,I love your name. You sound like a Beatrix Potter character. A cute little hedgehog or mouse, perhaps. 
Update:I'll make it easy on you email thesockeys"at" gmail "dot"com.
One more thing. After giving a pitch for yesterday, I forgot to tell you how to vote for them. So please follow this link to do that.


  1. I noticed that sometimes one antiphon is used for all the psalms at one of the daytime prayers and on other days a different antiphon is used for each psalm in the daytime prayers. I never have pinned this down exactly. What am I missing?
    -Mike D.

  2. It seems that you get three daytime antiphons during ordinary time and only one during advent/Christmas and lent/Easter. I don't know the reason for this. I do know that when there is only one antiphon you have the option of either saying the Glory Be after each psalm OR just running all three psalms together and only saying the Glory Be once at the end.

  3. Thank you,
    -Mike D.

  4. Thanks so much, Daria...I sent you my address. And I will vote using your link.
    Blessings and +

    1. Wow, I just read your post. Scary, but Thanks be to God that your were protected from harm. I'm glad you see the book as a consolation.

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