Monday, April 2, 2012

What's Sex,Style, and Substance Go to Do With the LOTH

If you spend anytime at all in the Catholic blogsophere (and you're here, so you do) you've heard about this new collection of essays. In case you wanted my opinion, it's a good book. Even men have been known to like it, despite it's  cover,the color of which, I understand, is the equivalent of kryptonite for most guys. 

 I really didn't plan to review it on this blog. This is not a woman's blog, and the book in question didn't seem at first glance to be especially  relevant to our perennial liturgical topic. But then my eye fell on this passage in a chapter about "holding onto faith", where contributor Karen Edmisten lists various practices for her readers' consideration:

Pray in  Rhythm With the Church
Don't worry--this rhythm doesn't involved a tambourine or any embarrassing public dancing. I'm referring to the Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the breviary or Divine Office.
These "prayers of the Church" are intoned daily by all ordained and vowed religious. If you've heard of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and so on, you're halfway there...
Karen then recommends a couple of online breviaries, and urges readers to give it a try, concluding that,adding  just a couple of Psalms to your day or some of the readings from the Church Fathers is an effortless way to stay in touch with God's word and his Church.

Kudos to Karen for doing her part to spread the good news of liturgical prayer to thousands of women. I'm proud that she  is a Coffee&Canticles follower.

Sex, Style and Substance is doing well on Amazon.  Check it out.