Saturday, February 2, 2013

An Unused Antiphon for the Presentation

Unused this year, and most years, because it comes from Evening Prayer I of this feast, which is only used when the Presentation falls on  a Sunday. This would be the antiphon for the Magnificat on Evening Prayer I of the feast of the Presentation.

The old man carried the child, but the child was the old man's Lord. The Virgin gave birth to the child yet remained a virgin for ever. She knelt in worship before her child.

Have you ever wondered why this feast is also called Candlemas, and why we receive blessed candles on this day? It's thank's to Simeon's statement about Jesus being "a light of revelation to the gentiles".

If you receive blessed candles today,consider  lighting  them at dinner time, and praying Simeon's canticle with your family  as a grace after meals.


  1. This is beautiful!! Thank you!

    God bless,
    Michele F.

  2. Question... do you ever have seasons of life where you do not look forward to praying the hours or they just seem to be a burden? I dont know why but for the first time ever, this is happening currently. Not sure why... I am not treating it as something legalistic... I have just not been in prayer mode lately... hope that makes sense. Any advice or wisdom?? I know you have prayed the hours for many years. Maybe this has happened to you at times?

    1. Noah, the answer is yes! This happens to me regularly. I wrote a long post about it last April. Here's the link:

      Although you can probably save yourself the trouble of looking it up,
      because Scott pretty much says the same thing that I did. Just keep in mind what Chesterton said, "A thing that is really worth doing is worth doing badly."

  3. I think that happens to a great many people who are committed to praying the Office, including many religious for whom the Office is the center of their vowed life. Thoughts about this that have helped me: (1) The Church carries you when you can't pray...others' prayer is prayed on your behalf, as you pray on behalf of others who can't; (2) When all you can do is go through the motions, the Liturgy of the Hours gives you the motions to go through. You don't have to come up with those yourself. So pray mechanically or with low energy until you can pray more intently. Again, you're being carried by the rest of the Church.

  4. Scott and Daria,
    your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Your thoughts (Scott) along with the blog from April really helped me to actually see a new side of praying the hours. That it is not just about me, which is rather narcissistic, but rather the entire church praying as one. Even when we "feel" like it or not. I was introduced to the divine office in October of 2012. So this is the first time I have ever seen the office as a corporate venture, while individually engaged. Thank you so much! The Lord used you both.