Thursday, February 28, 2013

Papa Bene Scrapbook

Blog follower Mrs. PInkerton who blogs at Dumb Old Housewives,  found out that the Vatican website has put up a beautiful, 62 page scrapbook of photos and quotations from our beloved Pope emeritus.   Something to while away the hours of the conclave whenever you get tired of talking heads belaboring the obvious in order to fill in air time.


  1. BTW: I just received an email from Amazon that your new book that I pre-ordered, has shipped and I'll receive it on Monday, Mar. 4th. Wow, much earlier than the April 8th date I was originslly told.
    Can't wait to read it.

  2. Hello! I have one question concerning ''Alleluia'' during Lent. Is it OK to say ''alleluia'' when it is part of psalm or canticle? For example, today in Office of Readings last psalm ends with ''Amen, alleluia''. I see Divine Office puts ''Amen, amen'' instead, and Croatian online-breviary ''amen (alleluia)''. It is also case on the end of Psalm 149 (Sunday week I). Croatian print edition of Liturgy of the Hours, of course, contains alleluia on these places because same book (II) is also used for Paschal Time.

    It is interesting how Western and Eastern Church have different logic on ''alleluia'' during Lent. Our Byzantine Catholic brothers (as well as Orthodox) use ''alleluia'' during entire Great Lent, even of Good Friday, but don't serve Eucharist on weekdays during Lent because, they say, celebrating Lord's Resurrection in Eucharist can't be combined with penitential character of weekdays during Great Lent. It is reason why they serve special office, Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, on Wednsdays and Fridays. It is, in fact, Vespers with prayers before Communion and Communion with Holy Gifts consecrated on previous Sunday.

    It is nice to know that we pray with Universal Church while doing LOTH, especially now when Church is united in prayer for election of new Supreme Pontiff. Croatian bishops gave instruction to use Collect from Mass for the election of Pope in Mass and also in LOTH after conclusion prayer until new Pope is elected so we in Croatia pray for his election in this way.

  3. When "alleluia" appears in parenthesis, it means that it is used during appropriate seasons only, that it, not during lent. A quick look through the General Instruction does not show me the case of alleluia as part of the psalm. It does say that the alleluia is omitted after the Gloria during lent (#41) and is added to antiphons during the Easter season.(#120)
    You correctly describe this as a western rite tradition.The word "alleluia" simply means "praise to the Lord", and that is something we say all the time without reference to season. But somehow, the Hebrew word Alleluia came to be seen as a particularly joyous way of saying Praise to the Lord. Perhaps early western rite Easter hymns made such frequent use of Alleluia that it eventually appeared to be a word that belonged to Easter, and would not be fitting during lent.
    Our bishops here in the USA have given the same instructions about the papal election.I'll have to do a post about that soon.