Friday, July 26, 2013

Office of Readings Patristics Guide on Sale

The latest Ignatius Press Sale catalog lists this amazing book for less than Half Price!!!!!

I've given a short  description of  it here. And a much longer review on Amazon, if you need more info.

If you do the Office of Readings, and ever finish a reading wondering, "I wonder when that saint lived." THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

If you ever wanted to recall or quote something you are sure you read in the Office of Readings about some particular doctrinal or moral topic, and thought to yourself, "Shoot! I wish I could find that reading again." THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

If you ever finished a reading by a particular father/doctor/saint and said to yourself, "I love the way this father/doctor/saint writes. I want to see more of him right now." THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.