Sunday, August 4, 2013

Volume 4 !!!!

Don't you love when it's time to go to next volume? 


  1. I was going to tweet nearly the exact same thing. I love moving over my prayer cards and resetting the ribbons in the Next volume.

  2. Well my Kindle has died (I almost exclusively used the Divine Office app for my praying of the Liturgy of the Hours) and so I am actually trying to learn how to use the books. It's not going as well as I thought it would! (...being the seasoned 18-month prayer of the LotH that I am, lol.) I may have questions. :-)

    Also, this was on the Divine Office site today:

    "'I will gladly spend myself and be spent for you. '

    2nd Responsory, Sunday, Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time"

    I love that quote. What is the 2nd responsory? Is it from the LotH or from something else?

    Thanks and God bless,
    Michele F.

    1. Good luck with those books, Michelle. Feel free to ask any time. Not sure where that responsory comes from. Looking back over what's in my breviary for yesterday, I just don't see it.