Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Q&A time.(7 in 7, Day #3)

Tonight at Evening Prayer I shall have a hard time getting into the spirit of Psalm 126 verse 6:
they go out, they go out, full of tears, bearing seed for the sowing...

It's been a long hard winter, and the thought of sowing seeds in my garden fills me with joyous longing.  But I get the analogy. The sowers are working hard and have nothing to show for it for a lon time.  This is how it feels when we suffer. Even if we remember to unite our suffering to Christ's, we may not see what good that does for a long time. Maybe not until we reach eternity, when our deliverance will seem "like a dream."

Will Stuart McLin and Joseph please send me their addresses so that I may send them the books they won in last weeks' giveaway. write to thesockeys"at"gmail"dot" com

Welcome, new blog follower, Arthur!

Q&A time. On yesterday's post Michelle  asked me what books I was thinking of reading for lent, but I"m thinking of writing a special post of recommended books later this week. Today's Q's and A's will be strictly breviary related.

Of course, there may not be many questions this time around. It's been a quiet week, liturgy-wise. No saint's days to worry about. The last hurrah for ordinary time until after Pentecost. The Proper of Seasons will become a daily companion starting next Wednesday. And we four-volume people get to switch books.

But if you have any questions at all, like what it the point of an antiphon, or a psalm-prayer, or how one prays the intercessions properly, then fire away.