Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Whacha doin' for lent? (7 in 7, #2)

Sheesh! So much for diligence in posting every day for a week: I almost forgot all about it. But after having to spend a freezing cold morning outdoors, then an afternoon shopping for my youngest's birthday, maybe there's some excuse.

Lent is on my mind. I haven't thought much yet about what I'll be doing other than aiming at daily mass Monday thru Friday rather than the two or three times weekly that usually happens around here. I've got some good books piled up, but certainly can't read all of them. Still have to narrow it down to that single, perfect one.

Food: for the past two years we've gone meatless at dinner time Monday thru Friday. Wondering whether I"m up to that again.  They have a nice meatless recipe feature at CatholicMom.com so I can vary my standard menus.

What I really need is to work up the enthusiasm for all this. Get up the vim and vigor to do spiritual battle! Lenten warfare!   But I'm just not there yet.

How about you? Whacha doin' for lent?