Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The not-so-tragic demise of the Pauline breviary

Glory and Trumpets! My earlier report  of the death of the Pauline Breviary was premature. True, you can't currently buy one. Accordint to Sister Susan Heady, FSP, the Pauline editions breviary is  "currently awaiting revision. A new text is to be made available after the new Roman Missal is released. All the new saints will be added along with the updated opening prayers... and even a new version of the Grail Psalms is being worked on. So... now is NOT the time to buy a new book or to promote this. I'm quite confident that the new edition will be user friendly and attractive too... just might not see it until beginning of 2012! "

How exciting! I've known that the current breviary, like the translation of the mass, was not perfect, but since it took Rome so long to get around to revising the mass, I figured a new breviary was at least a century in the future. But now it appears we'll be getting a new translation of the breviary fairly soon. Blessed be God!

Given that good news, I guess we can manage with whatever breviary is at hand for the next year or so.