Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Psalms to Go! Coming Soon!

Pretty soon  I'll be here everyday to talk about the Liturgy of the Hours, aka Divine Office, aka  Breviary, aka Christian Prayer, aka Morning, Evening, Daytime,and Night Prayer, aka Lauds, Vespers, Terce, None, Sext, Vespers, and Compline (with a dash of the Office of Readings, aka Vigils).

Do you want to know more about the Divine Office?

Did you buy a breviary but gave up trying to figure out how to use it?

Are you praying the Divine Office but not sure you're doing it right?

Are you finding it difficult and/or interesting to figure out what we should be thinking as we pray each psalm?

Do want a forum  to share the thoughts and inspirations that come to you as you pray the Divine Office?

Stay tuned, psalm fans. Dust off that breviary and get ready for some fun.

(Well, fun as defined by Catholic  geeks such as ourselves.)


  1. I'm not a "psalm fan" yet, but with your help, I'm sure to become one. And I already love geeky Catholic fun. So just let me grab my coffee and I'll be good to go!

  2. I've always wanted to know what in the world the Divine Office is. Help!

    I can't wait to learn more. I'll keep my readers informed of your happenings, too, and add you to my link page, Catholic Links for the Family.

    God bless!

  3. Daria, this is so wonderful that you are doing this. I love praying parts of the Liturgy and will will look forward to learning more. God bless.