Thursday, March 10, 2011

 It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph
1. I overcame the temptation to lie and answer no on a health insurance application where it asked "Have you ever been denied coverage before?" I had a few horrible minutes of rationalizing that this was not their business, since after all I had been scrupulously honest about my health history. I put the application away and said daytime prayer. There was one of those typical daytime  psalms about the joy of Loving God's commands and never speaking falsely...and I knew I couldn't do it.  So I went back to application (online), hit Yes, damn it! I've been denied for coverage! And sent it in. And guess what?  I received an acceptance notice 24 hours later!

2. I made a firm decision to serve meatless meals Monday thru Friday during lent. And today, I followed through, with help from and her wonderful "40 for 12" series. Loved the black bean soup, Celeste!

3. Today when something rather unpleasant and upsetting happened, I had the presence of mind to Offer it Up almost immediately, rather than first wallow in my misery for an hour, and then, later, as an afterthought, join my sufferings to Christ's for the salvation of the world.


  1. Sounds like you lived a very holy week:)

    Im so happy you got your coverage and that you didnt have to lie to get it. I think God must have been trying to tell you something.

  2. Daria, I really needed to hear your Success #1. It can be tempting to tweak, strain - and yes, even fib - in order to make things turn out "right" in our own eyes. Good for you for standing firm!

  3. It also turned out that this insurance has a lower monthly premium than the one I had already been rejected for. So Kristi, you are right, God is telling me to be truthful all the time.