Friday, March 18, 2011

Welscome, SonRise Morning Listeners!

I hope you had a good laugh this morning  when I got Brian's name wrong not once but twice!  I had just gotten up and my brain wasn't entirely warmed up yet.

This is the place to learn about using the Divine Office in daily prayer routine. Look through the older posts, especially those labelled "How-To" and "Thoughts on the Psalms". These will help you get started with understanding and using the ancient prayer of the Church.

If there is any particular question you have about the Divine Office, please feel free to ask in any comment box, and I will answer you. Maybe you can't figure out how to find your place in the breviary. Maybe you want to know which breviary to buy. Mabye you aren't sure what to do with those antiphons. Just ask. LIke they say in school, there are no stupid questions.

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Let us bless the Lord, and give Him thanks.