Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Newcomers, Inquirers, and How's Lent going?

Welcome to new Coffee&Canticles followers Julia and Benedicta.
In the interest of full disclosure, Julia is a long time friend, fellow homeschooler and former neighbor from my days in the diocese of Allentown, PA. I learned much from her and her husband's knowledge and example about liturgical music. I doubt she has much to learn much from my blog--she ought to have her own-- and suspect she joined mainly  to get a few laughs when I write about bad hymns and inclusive language.

Questions anyone?
Here's mine: has anyone resolved to go deeper into the Liturgy of the Hours for lent, either starting to pray it for the first time,  adding an additional hour to what you already do, making plans for a more consistent routine, or inviting someone else to pray it with you? If so , how's that working out for you? At my end, I've been sort of doing better with doing Night Prayer just a few minutes earlier  so that I'm actually paying attention to what I'm doing, and not just rushing through it in my eagerness to go to sleep. Also, I had the kids do Sunday evening vespers with me this past week, and hope to do this every Sunday from now on. Knowing how some of you have your offspring praying with you daily, I realize what a tiny baby step this is.

So, either report on your lenten progress, or as usual, ask me a question!