Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nearly Forgot! Welcome+Q&A

Sorry! While wallowing in the election aftermath and searching for answers (which I found) in the Wednesday's Liturgy of the Hours, I forgot all about the usual purpose of the Wednesday post. That is, to welcome new blog followers and to invite any and all questions related to the Divine Office and vehicle, the breviary.

So, better late than never. A joyful welcome to new readers JT Therrien, MicheleShank, Lee, and Carla. I hope you enjoy exploring the Liturgy of the Hours with us.

Now, if anyone has a question, fire away!


  1. Is it Evening Prayer I tonight for tomorrow's Feast of St. John Lateran?

    1. Technically,Evening Prayer I is not used for feasts (only solemnities), with the exception of feasts of Our Lord occurring on Sunday. So no, we use regular vespers of of Thursday week III tonight.

    2. Thanks, Daria.

  2. Hi Daria. Thank you for the warm welcome! I enjoy reading your edifying blog posts. Bless you for taking the time to maintain this interesting accompaniment to the Divine Office.