Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Hate When that Happens! + Weekly Q&A

Woke up a littler earlier this morning and thought, "I know! I'll do the Office of Readings right now, then get my son off to school, go to morning mass, and stay after mass for Morning Prayer. Then I"ll get home and be able to plunge right into my chores without having to stop for the OOR."

And so I did. Then, arriving at mass, noticed Father come out  in red vestments. The feast of St. Mark.
And here I'd just done Office of Readings for the weekday.  I hate when that happens. Yes, our parish calendar is hanging on the refrigerator. And I have a Catholic calendar app. Do I look at them first thing in the morning? Never.

I need a solution for this. Hi tech: start entering all feasts on my google calendar. Low tech: put a card in my breviary marking my place in the psalter which says, "Check the proper of saints, stupid!"

If you have a better idea, please let me know in comments.

Here's something else I was wondering about today as one of the ladies at Morning Prayer today reflexively began sayng "Glory to the Father--" and stopped with embarrassment at the end of the Benedicite (Canticle of the three children in Daniel).  How ancient is the unique  doxology (Let us bless the Father, etc.) that is used only at the end of this canticle? If any of you historian types know (are you there James McAuley?) please share with the rest of us. I mean to research this eventually, but today there's a hallway to paint before the curious, hyperactive, can't- resist- touching- anything child arrives home from school.

And of course, your weekly quandaries and quibbles about the Liturgy of the Hours are welcome too.

And welcome to recent new followers Serene, Jack, Esma, Elizabeth, Ahavotich, and "shesallthatdana".
Very, very glad to have you here. Make yourselves at home.


  1. Well, this is your lucky day. I keep a domestic church calendar in iCloud and I just updated it recently with all the movable feasts through the end of 2014. I've sanitized it and put it up as a Google calendar.



    1. Nice calendar which I'll keep on the desk top for when I"m too lazy to get up and walk over to the fridge to check the parish calendar. But I still need something that will force me to notice, with ringing bells or arms that come out of the screen, grab me by the shoulders,shake me hard, and say "feast of St. Mark! feast of St. Mark!"

    2. Oh. Checking my calendar is almost the first thing I do in the morning, and my iPad puts upcoming events in the notification panel as well, so I see things a day ahead of time. Since I put together the calendar, I haven't been caught flat footed by the liturgical year nearly as often (it still happens), but you're right - it depends on my already established calendar habits.

      Establishing habits is hard. Maybe just a card in the psalmody is the way to go.

  2. I check the next day for possible feasts before Evening Prayer. ( A much more relaxed time of day.) And the bonus is that sometimes there is a feast-related Evening Prayer, too, that I don't miss. Then I move my bookmarks to the right place for the next day.

  3. Poor St. Mark got to hear me exclaim "Oh, rats!" at 4:45 a.m. this morning. I was all prepared to use the Mundelein Psalter for Thursday Morning Prayer and had practiced my psalm tones for Week IV - ha ha, me.

    Had I looked at the free wall calendar that my parish handed out last December, I would have realized ahead of time that today was St. Mark's special day and that he deserved more than "Oh, rats!" from me. Which he did get, it just took a little extra time on my part.

    I also use the St. Joseph's Guide to keep on track, although it's useless for the Mundelein.

    1. I prefer the week II and IV tones to those for I and III, especially the one for the gospel canticle.
      I make it a point of honor to figure it out w/o the St. Joseph guide, especially since it is occasionally wrong, but yes, it's a good fallback for many of us.

  4. Definitely, the Evening before is the right time to check; best would be before Evening Prayer, in case a solemnity has snuck up on you.

  5. Sneaky solemnities and forlorn feasts!

  6. It is good to develop the habit of checking the back tab for Solemnities. I have the habit of checking the back tab every single day. But there are some other ideas I have (1) write the date of the next solemnity on the edge of a sticky note, place the sticky note on the page of the solemnity with the date hanging over the edge where you can see it. Then everyday you will be reminded of the upcoming date. (2) Put a sticky note ahead of time on the weekday when the Solemnity will occur so that when you reach it the note will again remind you of the date.

    Remember that Solemnities begin on the evening before the actual date so place the notes there instead of before the Office of Readings.

    A little side note, I have actually begun recording important dates (birthdays, anniversaries) around solemnities to remind me to pray for those intentions as well.

  7. I have to confess, that's one reason I like iBreviary. They almost always remember things like the feast of St Mark even when I forget.