Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pope Francis on the psalms, breviary

You knew I'd have my ears pricked and eyes peeled for some sort of statement from our Pope about the Divine Office, right?

So just don't forget--you heard it here first.  Unless, of course, you have already read the excellent new
 biography of our pope from Ignatius Press (Francis: Pope of a New World), from which the following quotes come. During an interview some years ago, Cardinal Bergoglio was asked to explain prayer. He described prayer as:

"Looking at God, but above all sensing that we

are being watched by Him. This happens, in my case,
when I recite the Rosary or the psalms or when I
celebrate the Eucharist. However, I would say that I
have this religious experience whenever I start to pray
for an extended time in front of the tabernacle. Sometimes
I doze while remaining seated and just let Him
look at me. I have the sense of being in someone else’s hands, as though God were taking me by the

Later, during the same interview, he said, “I am very attached to
the Breviary...It is the first thing I open in the
morning and the last thing I close before going sleep.”

So there you have it!