Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly Q&A Time plus Welcome... new blog followers Karen Louise and David, not to mention other, more anonymous types who have recently added Coffee and Canticles to their reader feeds.
Wednesday is Q&A day.
Unless I forget to write this post on time, in which case it may be Thursday or Friday. But I'm on my game this week.

Those of you who do the Office of Readings: are all those readings from the Book of Revelation leaving you shaking your head and wondering what it's all about? Has you understanding of this book been further confused by reading one or more of the Left Behind novels back in the day when these books were the latest Christian fad?

A sure cure for the Apocalytpic heebie-jeebies it the Ignatius Catholic  Study Bible. Introductory notes, footnotes, and word studies  by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch really help the reader to make some sense of the final book of the Bible.

I hope everyone is enjoying all the extra alleluias and antiphons reminding us the the Lord has risen. There's nothing like the Divine Office to keep us mindful of the Easter season for its entire 50 days.

Okay. Any questions about breviaries, psalms, feasts, seasons, rubrics, whatever--the comment box is the place to ask.