Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly Q&A plus welcome, new people!

Coffee and Canticles is happy to have a few new followers: Jean, Jo, and Reuben. Glad to have you here!

Also, welcome to anonymous readers who have begun following this blog through email or with a reader.
Speaking of readers--you all know that Google Reader will become the Late Google Reader in just a few more days. There are a number of good alternatives. I just switched to Feedly--with only three clicks it was up and running, with all my favorite blogs automatically imported. So there's a place to start if you are undecided and EASY is a big selling factor to you.

This is the weekly Q&A post. Although you may ask questions on any topic following any post, this one is here for that specific purpose.

Since this week is my "staycation", I"m not going to use valuable R&R time today writing a clever post.

Don't forget, Americans, to offer your Divine Office for the religious freedom intentions of the Fortnight for Freedom.