Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome New People + Q&A+ Contest!

To Oscar, Maria, and Kyle: Welcome. Feel free to comment any time you like.

But this post has the specific purpose of inviting questions from confused psalm-sayers about any part of the Liturgy of the Hours that they don't quite understand. You may query about the different types of breviaries available if you are trying to decide on a purchase. Or you might want to answer someone else's question if you think you know the answer.

While we're at it, here's a short quiz on September saints. See if you can answer completely from memory, or, at the most, after consulting the calendar for names but not doing any further research. Each answer requires both a "who" and a "what"

1. This saint is patron of an unpopular profession.
2. This saint had one part of his body referred to as "golden"
3. This feast commemorates a saint's archaelogical discovery.
4. This saint did not like St. Augustine very much.
5. This saint performs a yearly miracle.

Tell you what. Don't put the answers here below. Email them to me at   thesockeys"at"gmail"dot"com
(using the correct symbols for at and dot, I just wrote it that way to avoid being spammed.)  I will do a drawing from the names of those who get them all correct, and the winner will get a free copy of either The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours OR A Garden of Visible Prayer by Margaret Rose Realy. Please specify which one you'd prefer. And give me your mailing address.

Have fun.