Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekly Q&A - I love October edition

I say it every year. October is my favorite-est month of all. It is just too beautiful around here to be believed. The temperatures are perfect. Several of my favorite saints are commemorated during this month.
The only drawback to October in my part of the world is that is becomes extremely scary to drive after dark. I call it Night of the Living Deer syndrome. Actually, it's even scary in the middle of the day sometimes.  But I already wrote about that last year, along with some homage to the angels who keep me alive through it all. 

It's weekly Q&A time. One reader already asked  a question on the previous post: Why Sunday week I Psalms for the memorial of the Guardian angels, which is not designated as a feast, and therefore not normally deserving of anything other than normal weekday psalms? I gave him an off the cuff answer, which was okay, but since then I looked up what the General Instruction says about the psalter for obligatory memorials:
235. In the office of readings, at morning prayer, and at evening prayer:
a. the psalms and their antiphons are taken from the current week and day, unless there are proper antiphons or proper psalms, which is indicated as the case occurs.

So clearly, we had an "otherwise indicated" situation yesterday. I guess angels are special enough to rate Sunday week I psalms, even when their day is only a memorial.

Any other questions?