Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome+Weekly Q&A- All Saint's Edition

Photo: In honor of the upcoming All Saints Day, children and teachers from our REP program showed us their interpretations of their favorite saints.
photo:St.Michaels Church, Fryburg, PA

Reminder: Evening Prayer I for All Saint's Day tonight.

Welcome new (or recent, since I haven't checked for quite a while) blog followers Raymond, Maryrose, Shanti, Lynn, RCC Soldat44, Edgar and Kyle! Also welcome, Mike Demers to the "followers" page, although you've already been a devoted Coffee&Canticles follower for ages. 

It's weekly Q&A Time. If you have any questions of confusion about the Liturgy of the Hours, breviaries, or breviary apps, just ask here. You are extremely likely to get the answer you need.

Isn't it marvellous to reflect that, so long as we make it into heaven, by however long a detour through Purgatory, we will be  among those officially honored in the liturgy on November 1st? And not just with a little optional memorial, but with a Solemnity?