Thursday, September 24, 2015

"For He Knows What He is Doing"

That's a line from St Augustine in today's Office of Readings. And it is the bit of today's Liturgy of the Hours that jumped out at me, seemed to be there for my instruction.

Does that often happen to you?  A single verse or a psalm or sentence from a reading stands out with special meaning. Although the Liturgy of the Hours is prayed primarily with the needs and the voice of the whole Church, the Holy Spirit can still use it to speak directly to the individuals who pray.

In my case today, I needed to be reminded that God has things under control.

Has anything jumped from the page in your breviary and into your heart today, or in the last few days? Feel free to share that here.

OR, if you have any questions about the Liturgy of the Hours, post them below in the comments. Plenty of knowledgeable readers here will give you an answer if I don't see it right away.