Thursday, September 24, 2015

"For He Knows What He is Doing"

That's a line from St Augustine in today's Office of Readings. And it is the bit of today's Liturgy of the Hours that jumped out at me, seemed to be there for my instruction.

Does that often happen to you?  A single verse or a psalm or sentence from a reading stands out with special meaning. Although the Liturgy of the Hours is prayed primarily with the needs and the voice of the whole Church, the Holy Spirit can still use it to speak directly to the individuals who pray.

In my case today, I needed to be reminded that God has things under control.

Has anything jumped from the page in your breviary and into your heart today, or in the last few days? Feel free to share that here.

OR, if you have any questions about the Liturgy of the Hours, post them below in the comments. Plenty of knowledgeable readers here will give you an answer if I don't see it right away.


  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that you might want to pray Vespers at 6:45pm Eastern time, to pray simultaneously with the Pope.

  2. I found that Augustine's OOR spoke to me in light of praying for the Pope's visit to the US. So often the LOTH is 'made for the day'.

    1. Yes, all his teachings about pastors and we get to see how the chief pastor does it.

  3. It's funny to read this, because I thought about this just the other afternoon. Recent lurker... I enjoy the blog and all of the helpful instruction and insight. Thank you.

    I find this sort of thing happens quite often. It's uncanny. And, when something jumps off of the page, it's not as if it's some tough mental stretch, it fits perfectly into whatever I need or whatever may be going on in my life.

    I also find it interesting that certain life situations illuminate different pieces of the everyday prayers and/or antiphons. One day the Canticle of Simeon (or Magnificat, etc.) might be there on the page, and on another day some small piece leaps out. I've grown to really love and appreciate the LOH.

  4. Hi Daria,

    Today's Morning Prayer was a moving experience for me.

    My father passed away a few weeks ago. Before he died (he was 94) he made all of his funeral arrangements, including the readings for his funeral Mass. I had the privilege of doing the readings at his funeral.

    This morning's Reading was a portion of the passage from Romans that I read at his funeral. I felt this close connection to him. It was a good feeling.

    I've been doing the LoTH for about two years. Some days I just "go through the motions (I shouldn't), as my mind is on other things. Then there are days like this morning, and there have been several, where one part just "sticks" to me. What an amazing feeling.

    1. Yes, that's one of my favorite readings, too. It never fails to move me, even on a day when otherwise, I am, as you say "going through the motions". And don't beat yourself up too much about those "going through the motions" days, because 1. you are still being faithful to daily prayer and 2. you are still doing the grunt work that maintains the habit of prayer.