Friday, September 18, 2015

How praying the Breviary feels if you are a Saint

...or a Blessed, at least. And even the rest of us can regularly experieince something approaching this, so long as we pay attention to the psalms and their allegorical and moral meanings.   That, plus reminding yourself that you are praying the psalms, even when alone at home, as one voice united with the body of Christ in this world and the next.

«....I close my eyes, and while my lips murmur the words of the Breviary which I know by heart, I leave behind their literal meaning, and feel that I am in that endless land where the Church, militant and pilgrim, passes, walking towards the promised fatherland. I breathe with the Church in the same light by day, the same darkness by night; I see on every side of me the forces of evil that beset and assail Her; I find myself in the midst of Her battles and victories, Her prayers of anguish and Her songs of triumph, in the midst of the oppression of prisoners, the groans of the dying, the rejoicing of the armies and captains victorious. I find myself in their midst, but not as a passive spectator; nay rather, as one whose vigilance, whose skill, whose strength and courage can bear a decisive weight on the destiny of the struggle between good and evil, and upon the eternal destinies of individual men and of the multitude.»

 Blessed Card. Ildefonso Schuster (Archbishop of Milan 19289-54)
and here he is.  (wikimedia commons)
Thanks for this quote to Gregory DiPippo, managing editor  at the New Liturgical Movement blog.  and posted this on a Divine Office discussion page on Facebook today. I'll add that Mr. DiPippo translated this from the Italian original.
 Now I want to learn more about Bl. Cardinal Schuster, who writes with such exquisite beauty. 


  1. This is a valuable input to my Divine Office commitment. Oftentimes, it seems like a lonely exercise. I need to feel AND know that I am in solidarity with the other members of the Church, and that we are heading in one direction. Thank you.

  2. Hello Daria, thank you for your post today, which reminded me amongst other things, if you don’t know, that Bl Card Schuster was very instrumental in helping St Josemaria Escriva, and Bl Alvaro del Portillo to establish the Prelature of the Opus Dei as it is known now in Italy and the Milan area.

    1. Some years ago I worked with Ignatius Press on support materials for it's release of an Italian film on the life of Bl. Carlo Gnocchi, a priest who was an Italian WWII chaplain and after the war founded many homes for war orphans. Cardinal Schuster played a small role in Gnocchi's life, so that is how I'd first heard of him, but knew nothing else beyond that until I read this quote the other day.

  3. Hi Daria, I came across this video of John Rutter that impressed me so much that I thought I had to share it with you and your readers... (I hope that's alright)