Thursday, September 3, 2015

Saints Boosting the Breviary plus Q&A

Occasionally it is remarked that if lay people ought to be praying the Liturgy of the Hours then we should see lots of statements from saints about it's importance, just as we frequently see the saints recommending, say, the holy rosary.

Okay, then. Here are:

Lots of quotes from saints about the beauty and importance of the Liturgy of the Hours

Thanks to The Poor Knights of Christ for assembling these quotes, and to Ryan Ellis for making me aware of this link on his Breviary and Divine Office discussion Facebook page.

Any Divine Office-related questions are welcome in the comments.


  1. Thank you for sharing these quotes! I've been going back and forth on what takes priority in my prayer life and it was good to read something about the Liturgy of the Hours for a change. That page will be bookmarked for a lot of future visits.

  2. It's worth noting, I think, that all of those saints were using the pre-Vatican II breviary! All Latin, all the time. LOL! And 150 psalms per week! By the way, one can obtain the 1961 Roman Breviary in English-Latin from Baronius Press in three volumes.

    1. Latin is fine but it's still a translation of the Hebrew original.
      150 psalms a day were once considered to be ideal but some early monks in Egypt would say them continously!

  3. Yes, St. Alphonsus Ligouri was a big fan of the Divine Office. I am reading his commentary on the psalms and canticles in the breviary.