Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Looking for a Pauline Breviary?

Every now and then someone writes me about the out of print single-volume breviary done by the Daughters of St. Paul (USA).    I have praised this breviary because, unlike the single volume "Christian Prayer" breviary from Catholic Book Publishing, this one has the complete four-week cycle for Daytime Prayer, while the one from CBP has only two weeks' worth. (That makes NO sense.)  

The Daughters of St. Paul have plans to issue new breviaries once the revised translation is done. But that is some years away, as we all know.

Anyway, a nice reader from the UK wrote me yesterday to say that she has a one-volume Daughters of St. Paul breviary looking for a good home. It has no ribbons but is in good shape otherwise.
She is willing to send it to anyone who is willing to pay postage from the UK,

If anyone is interested in this, please email me:  thesockeys"at"gmail "dot" com and I will put you in touch with her.

Speaking of missing ribbons--I hope you all know that there is an easy fix for this. Go to your nearest fabric store and buy a few different colored lengths of skinny ribbon--these are on spools at the sto re and are sold by the yard, but if you ask for 1/3 of a yard (one foot) I believe they will sell it to you in that small amount. Perhaps some places will even sell it by the inch, but I don't know.

Bring you little lengths of ribbon home, find a bit of cardboard, and cut a piece that will fit snugly down the spine of your breviary--maybe 1.5 by 4 inches or thereabouts. Fasten the ribbons to that with packing tape and shove it down the spine. Voila!

You can also buy these ready made at lots of online retailers, but when you think of the price plus postage, my method is a cheapskate's delight.