Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Let Us Pray!

previous post soliciting prayer intentions from our little community of Psalm-sayers has received responses that are a good cross-section of human need.

A dying mother-in-law.
A young mother who will soon give birth.
Success in a new business.
A needed raise at work.
Facing surgery.
Mental illness.
Struggles against temptation.
Children and grandchildren who have strayed from the faith.
For the spiritual needs of our Pope and his helpers in the curia.

So, what you do is this: when you read the intercessions at vespers, add this one:  "We commit to your love and providence all  the special needs of the Coffee&Canticles community."

 Or words to that effect!

And feel free to add yours here or in the earlier post "Sharing Our Burdens at Vespers

Thanks, everyone.