Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing to do with Divine Office, but

It's cold and snowing here this morning, so I will be making soup--meatless soup--for dinner. Here's a good minestrone recipe. And just from experience--you can put whatever vegetables you have on hand in this kind of soup if you don't have, for example, zucchini or chickpeas on hand.


  1. The connection between minestrone and the Divine Office is in the fact that minestrone is a "monastery soup." I'm sure that the good monks enjoyed many a bowlful of minestrone after chanting Vespers. (Daria, it IS Vespers, right? Help me out on this one!)

  2. Yes, vespers is right. Although, if they were European monks enjoying minestrone as their main meal of the day, it might have been at midday, after sext but before none.