Thursday, April 21, 2011


1. It's Holy Thursday, our "Passover" dinner of lamb, bitter herbs, charoseth, unleavend bread and kosher wine is just about ready to eat, and we will have plenty of time to get to 7pm mass tonight!

2. Got lots of spring cleaning done. It is really looking decent around here.

3. Am maintaining seasonal cheer despite the fact that the weather has no right to be this cold!!!

4. Found myself a cute dress and jacket at Ross's.


  1. Daria, I love reading your stuff at F&FL (and in the magazine), although it makes me jealous sometimes! Thought I'd let you know that the link to Small Successes this time originally redirects to Frigidaire-something! I think it was missing a "g" in the link...

    I most sympathized with your #3 success--I'm definitely affected by the weather and time of day. I've tried to do a sort of seder, but the kids won't touch even the charoseth. Great job and good luck this week. Happy Easter!

  2. Frigidaire! That's pretty funny.

    re: seder. Funny, but I have one bunch of picky eaters, but miraculously, they all love this dinner. I think maybe one kid is not fond of lamb, but likes everything else.

    re: weather: we got a little sunshine and warmth on holy Saturday, rain all Easter day, then again an hour or two of sun and warmth today. I'll make it. The nice thing with spring is that eventually it stays. or turns to summer.