Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Spirit Week at the Office

re-running an old post.. no need to reinvent the wheel.

 This week's Divine Office prepares us for Pentecost.  Do you often remark to yourself or to others that you tend to think of God almost exclusively as God the Son or God the Father, and neglect the Holy Spirit? Here is your chance to correct that, by being faithful to the hours of the liturgy this week.

Morning prayer and Day time prayer  readings still focus on the resurrection, of Jesus, and baptism as our path to receive the salvation He won for us. But each Evening prayer readings are all about the Holy Spirit's role in our lives:
Monday: the Spirit of adoption through whom we cry "Abba!"
Tuesday: the Spirit who prays for us and in us.
Wednesday: the Spirit of Wisdom who reveals the mysteries of God to us.
Thursday: our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit
Friday: the fruits of the Holy Spirit
Sunday Vigil: the Spirit Who will raise our bodies to life

These readings are all from St. Paul's epistles. The Magnificat antiphons, Sunday thru Thursday, each quote what Jesus Himself said about the Holy Spirit.

For a more indepth catechesis on the Holy Spirit, try not to leave out the Office of Readings this week. If you don't have a full breviary, get it on,, or  The first readings are from the first letter of John, all about God's Love in the Holy Spirit. The second readings, from St. Cyril, St. Basil the Great, St. Hilary, and the Second Vatican Council, and  a holy unknown "sixth century African writer"  all contemplate and explicate the Third Person of the Trinity.  You will have many never-thought-of-it-that-way-before moments as you go through these readings.

Unlike last year, this year I am on the ball with my Pentecost novena, no thanks to my own piety or memory. is doing all the work for me.