Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekly Q&A, Joann and David edition

Welcome to new followers JoAnn and David. Glad to have you. This is the place where you may ask questions about the Liturgy of the Hours. Just stick them in the comments section, and I'll get back to you within a day or so.

Other than a quick post earlier today about a fabulous Office of Readings selection, I haven't been posting as frequently as usual. I've been conquering a pile of paperwork ("it compassed me about like bees, it blazed like a fire among thorns, in the Lord's name I crushed it!") and sorting through a mess of old records, books, and assorted junk in the barn (haven't crushed that yet, but it's getting better). I've also been learning more than I ever cared to know about the Book of Revelation thanks to brilliant and scholarly readers who gave me lots of Catholic study resources in last week's q&a post. And trying to get one of our two non-functioning tractor mowers repaired (husband is away on business and the grass on our 4 acres ain't getting any shorter!)

So, keeping busy. This weekend I'll have the privilege of conducting an an capella choir at a special mass where a lovely friend of mine will be taking vows in front of our bishop as a consecrated virgin and as a hermit. We'll be doing some traditional hymns, some Gregorian chant, and chanting the responsorial psalm using a tone from the Mundelein Psalter. Pray that I don't so something wrong, like cue my singers to launch into some part of the mass before it's the right time. I hate when that happens.