Friday, December 2, 2011

Divine Office on Fire!

Kindle Fire, that produces apps for just about every mobile device you can think of. Just this week it's latest app is now available for the new Kindle Fire.

Now, I'm a behind the times type who carries the cheapest tracfone on the rack and the basic Kindle e-reader is the closest thing to a mobile device I'll ever own. So I can't review this app first hand. What I do know is that has not just text, but podcasts of each day's liturgical hours. This feature has enabled thousands of people to pray while commuting. A friend of mine likes it on her IPad because she can prop it up in the kitchen and do evening prayer while she fixes dinner.

And much as I love the Italy-based  Ibreviary on my e-reader, it is a pain when everything changes to the next day's prayers at 6 in the evening, requiring so many  clicks to turn it back a day that I'd might as well use the time to hunt up my paper breviary  for  evening and night prayer. Divine,  being located  west  of the prime meridian,(i.e. here in the USA) will not do that to you.

So, if you are giving someone a Kindle Fire this Christmas, or receiving one, keep this wonderful app in mind.