Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you, New Followers.

Coffee&Canticles now has one-tenth as many  followers as Mark Shea both on Google Connect and on Reader.   I find this highly encouraging since  the blog is less than one years old, it sticks to a rather narrow topic and thus appeals to a very specialized (elite? discriminating? classy?) audience.

Its goal, of course, is to help remove perceptions of the Divine Office as an elite niche of Catholic practice.

You can help with that goal by  spreading the word about this blog  to your friends who might be considering, or have already begun, praying the DO. But someone a breviary app for Christmas. Or a breviary.

Our Sunday Visitor will run a feature story on the Liturgy of the Hours in it's first issue of the new year. (written by yours truly). That's a good sign that in  the United States, the  Hours  are  on the way to becoming, as every pope since Paul VI has wished, "the prayer of the whole people of God."