Monday, December 12, 2011

A Divine Office Refuge in the PA Boondocks

St. Thomas More House of Prayer
If any of you travel Interstate 80 across Pennsylvania, you ought to know about a jewel of a retreat center/guest house  on forested hill in the middle of nowhere between Pittsburgh and Erie.

It's called the St. Thomas More House of Prayer.  It's owned and run by lay people whose mission is to make the Divine Office better known.   The full Liturgy of the Hours is prayed there by members of the local community. Guests may come as individuals wishing for a few days (or just a few hours) of prayer and quiet, or in organized groups with their own retreat master. The House of Prayer also sponsors several retreats per year. All guests are expected to participate in the liturgical hours while they are on the premises.  Volunteers will answer questions and help guests who are new to the Liturgy of the Hours.

See their website for more information. This place is absolutely beautiful. 


  1. It's really good to know this, thanks. Also, follow the links to:

    Thanks again,
    Mike D.

  2. Mike, how do the spqn podcasts compare to the ones at Is there any advantages to one over the other? Which do you prefer, and why? I ask because I don't find much use for podcasts in my situation, so I 'm not the best judge.

  3. Daria, They are read by one person for the hour selected and there is no singing or chanting. It's pretty plain. I prefer the to (which is what links to). I'd guess that the podcasts might be best for drivers and other people on the road who really don't have time to read.
    Mike Demers