Saturday, December 3, 2011

Second Sunday of Advent

O Lord, stir up our hearts that we may prepare for Your only begotten Son, that through His coming we may be made worthy to serve You with pure souls. Through the same Christ our Lord.

I hope your first week of advent has gone well on all fronts. Not bad here.Made it to daily mass four out of five weekdays.   Lots of online shopping accomplished. A gorgeous 9 foot Fraser fir tagged at the tree farm, to be cut down next week, and decorated sometime between the third and fourth Sunday of Advent. Although the kids will lobby hard for on the third Sunday, pounding hard on the fact that it's Gaudete Sunday,after all, and what better way to rejoice than this? This is the one day per year when they are most intense about observing the spirit of the liturgy in our home. Dad will reply for the 30th year in a row that when he was a child they didn't put up the tree until Christmas Eve. Mom will counter that when she was a child the tree went up ten days before Christmas.   And we'll work something out.

On the other hand, not a single card is written yet. Nor a cookie baked. I just lost a filling. Blah.

Offer it up.

Come, Lord Jesus.


  1. We usually decorate our tree on Gaudete Sunday as well. But this year it just comes TOO EARLY! I'm putting off the tree until the next weekend when all the kids can be here.
    (And when I grew up, the tree went up on Christmas Eve after all of us kids went to bed. I kind of miss that tradition.)

  2. I gave in to my wife, "she who must be obeyed", and will be putting up the tree on December 6, the feast or memorial of St. Nicholas. This is a compromise between her desire to put it up on the 1st Sunday of Advent and mine to put it up Christmas Eve.
    Michael D.

  3. Generally Gaudete Sunday has worked for us as a great compromise between real early and last minute. But as you say Barb, with the last week of advent lasting a full week, it is way too early. I mean, for crying out loud, Gaudete is next freakin' week! So our plan is to go cut the tree down next Sunday, and try to hold off a few more days with the tree in a bucket of water outside.

  4. Correction! Husband informs me that he NEVER said his family put the tree up on Christmas Eve, only that they put it up very, very close to Christmas. Christmas Eve Eve, or thereabouts.