Friday, March 30, 2012

Divine Mercy Novena for the absent-minded

Divine Mercy Novena

It is so hit-or-miss whether I remember to start the Divine Mercy novena on time each year. I mean, day one is Good Friday. The typical busy Catholic mother has spent the day in a combination of hard-core prayer and frantic domestic preparations for Easter: spring cleaning, food shopping, putting together decent Easter outfits for the children.
At my house, when we get back from Good Friday liturgy, we build a sort of Calvary/tomb tableau with rocks, moss, and flowers from the garden. This takes time. Then, having served that one full meal of the day to the ravenous fasting hordes around there, I start baking the required Easter pastries, and making a list of needed items (wine, egg dyes, dress shoes that fit the boy who just outgrew the  pair I bought him last month) for a last minute Holy Saturday shopping trip.
So is it any wonder that on Good Friday night I'm likely as not to fall into bed, exhausted and having totally forgotten to start the Divine Mercy novena? I ask you!

But not this year. To my rescue comes John-Paul Deddens, my novena knight in shining armor. I've signed up with his wonderful Pray More Novenas website, and if I manage to check my email even once on Good Friday, I'll receive a reminder to start the novena, AND the prayers will be there right on the email. (No more hunting around for those old-fashioned novena pamphlets! Sometimes  I  just  love this modern digital era!)

So just sign up here to get the Divine Mercy novena sent to your computer or tablet each day. (The image above says "click here" but doesn't actually work.)


  1. nice share for 3pm novena, following you

  2. Oh good, thanks for that! Our former pastor used to kick off the Holy Friday service by praying the Chaplet a few minutes before the procession would begin (we all processed in together, so the Chaplet was prayed in the gathering area.) For many of us, me included, it was our first introduction to this devotion.

  3. Your post reminded me of this. It has been an amazing week! Last Sunday I was given a rosary by my priest who said it had been sitting unused in his drawer, and it turned out to have the crucifix and seal used by John Paul II. Then I found an old journal entry from my Protestant days (20 months ago) asking God to let someone give me a rosary as a sign that this type of activity was something I should be doing. Then I heard a podcast that told the story of St. Faustina, the Divine Mercy, and the huge role that pope John Paul II played in this. I discovered all this on the death anniversary of John Paul II and a few days before the Divine Mercy novena would begin. As dense as I can be, I still recognized from the uncanny timing of events that it appeared that God wanted me to do the novena. So I printed out the prayers, and bought a holy card with the image and had it blessed, and am using it plus the special rosary. Thanks for setting things in motion!

    1. That's an amazing story, Russ. Too many coincidences to be a coincidence.
      Divine Mercy is such a great novena. Much like the LIturgy of , you're united with millions througout the world who are praying it each day.
      Have a blessed Easter.

    2. Dear Daria, It is Easter Monday and while I meant to start the novena I have not. I know that it is to be nine days of dedicated prayer but is it too late to start?

    3. It's not too late. To believe that a novena won't "work" due to our precise external performance would be a form of superstition. You could either start the novena today and do it for nine days, ending up next Tuesday(?)Or, if you want to end up on Saturday, you could just double up on the prayers for a few days until you "catch up".