Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekly Q&A - Conclave Edition

How much time did you spend this week staring at a televised /live streamed chimney pipe  in Rome? I actually set my morning alarm a whole half hour early so that I could stare at it for close to an hour while it did NOT smoke, and then finally belched black.

As if there were any chance that we would have had a new pope by the second or third ballot. Oh well.

Maybe conclave fever keeps you from thinking enough  about the Divine Office (although of course you are praying  it fervently these days of conclave!) to have come up with any questions. But if you do have them, I am close to the computer for much of the day, as I sit here soaking in  all the televised and written commentary. So any questions this week would probably be answered promptly.

Nota Bene: now has propers for feasts and memorials of the Salesians, Franciscans, and the Holy Land.   And it appears that propers for the Passionist order are coming soon. Just go to setting and choose. then check the calendar. If you see a saint's day that you'd like to celebrate when it comes around, then make a note of it for the future.