Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekly Q&A- Edward Francis edition

Despite the long, dragged out winter, this Lent of 2013 has zoomed by. The papal resignation, conclave, and it's joyous results has been, for most of us, a pleasant distracton. Not a distraction from penance--on the contrary, I think many of us prayed and fasted a little more than we would during the average lent, since we wanted to do our part to bring graces down upon the conclave. But the whole process gave us a focus.  A sense of hope.  

Not to mention a reason to get out of bed each day--rushing to turn on the radio or the TV or the conclave app to see what was new. So lent has passed very quickly.

And now, I have more happy news which I can't help but share. My second grandson was born yesterday. Introducing Edward Francis Mathie.

Mother and baby are doing fine, but since Mother is recovering from a caesarean, and has an 18 month old to manage in addtion to the newborn, a prayer for her would be appreciated.

Now--it's weekly Q&A Day. Any questions about the breviary, perhaps something related to the triduum?  Don't forget that the evening mass of the Lord's supper on Holy Thursday, the Good Friday liturgy of the Passion, and Easter Vigil mass take the place of evening prayer on those days. (not that it hurts to do both, but it's not considered necessary for those whose vocation obligates them to recitation of the hours. Given the level of activity families experience in getting to Church each evening AND the many home preparations for Easter, it makes sense for most of us to follow the Church's suggestion.)