Thursday, November 10, 2011

Question Time--How's it Going?

It's your weekly chance to either ask a question about absolutely anything that you want to know about the Divine Office.

It's also your weekly chance to answer my question, which it--how are things at your office? Any particular lines from the psalms or prayers jump out at you? Were any of this week's feasts especially meaningful to you?   Let us know!


  1. I just thought I'd chime in about the Office for the Dead, since that's been a favorite topic in recent weeks. Thanks to your reminders when my dad called to tell me that my grandmother had died, I turned to that section of the breviary and as it was the middle of the afternoon I prayed the Office of Readings. It seemed a bit funny but it also provided some comfort. It gave me something to do rather than just sit and stare at the wall. The readings and psalms really are beautiful and I found myself jotting down quite a few verses that spoke to me. Such a comfort that we have a set of prayers for such times.

    By the way, I also loved Jennifer Fulwiler's post this week comparing the Liturgy of the Hours to Hallmark cards. Did you happen to see it?

  2. My wife and I were just taught the Divine Office last week and we are now praying the Morning and Night Prayer together and the Midday prayer on our own since I am at work at that time. We are loving this prayer time together and are amazed that it is not practiced more or even known about by many of our Catholic friends (or even ourselves before now).

    Your blog is very helpful to us since the person that taught us was staying with us for a few days and is now gone home. Thank you so much. I will visit here regularly.

  3. @Melanie- yes, I enjoyed Jen's post and laughed to see her photo of an open breviary with a cup of coffee next to it, similar to mine.

    @James- welcome to C&C and thanks for you kind words. Like you, I'm sorry that so few Catholics have a clue about the Liturgy of the Hours. I'm trying in my small way to remedy that.