Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanks and Welcome...

To new blog followers Dema, Blue Henn, The Irish Man, Tim Powers, and l.b.63, who nicely answered my shameless plea recent invitation for people to follow Coffee&Canticles. Also to the several anonymous folks who added me on their Google Reader. Many thanks.


  1. I want to thank Daria for her post of fr.Quigley and his explanation (and dissection) of the Breviary. I have been struggling with this issue for about 8 months or more...I initially felt that the regular prayers I was reciting was kind of bland so I sought out other things and ran into the breviary at our local religious store...I have just recently returned to following my Christian life and became thorougly confused with it...until I went to Gutenberg and downloaded the "Divine Office" I am finding it very helpful and setting me back on the right track. I am finding this site Coffee and canticles VERY HELPFUL and interesting Thank You so much for your inSPIRED direction. God Bless You Daria////

  2. Thanks, StorminNorman! I love the name. I appreciate the encouragment. Keep in mind that much of what is in the Quigley book only applies to the pre-Vatican II breviary. The current regulations are found in the General Instruction to the Liturgy of the Hours, which you can read at this link:

    Please add you comments and questions anytime you want, even if my post is not specifically related to what you want to say. I want this blog to be as interactive as possible.