Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Archangel Quiz! Win something!

Tomorrow is the feast of the Holy Archangels. Although we tend to refer to all saint's days on the calendar "feasts", this is only a popular usage. Saint's days might be optional  memorials,obligatory  memorials, feasts, or solemnities. These terms denote degrees of importance in the calendar, rank of precendence for liturgical celebration, and usually, the amount of  prayers in the day's mass and liturgical hours devoted specifically to the saint.  

But the feast of the Archangels really is a feast. It has its own special office, so you will not be using the psalter tomorrow, except for the psalms of Morning Prayer, which will be those of Sunday, Week I. 

If you don't make a habit of saying the Office of Readings, tomorrow is a good day to TRY to fit it in, since the antiphons and readings, especially the second reading from St. Gregory the Great, will teach you a lot about these heavenly super heroes. 

Here's a quiz about the angels. You are on your honor to NOT google the answers, not look at others' answers,  but to write answers from your current stock of knowledge in a comment below. On Monday I'll announce the answers. I'll notify the winner who may choose from one of the three following books: 

A Guy's Guide to the Good Life - Virtues for Men by Robert Lockwood , or, 
When's God Gonna Show Up? by Marge Fenelon
Holding on to Hope-the Journey Beyond Darkness by Kathryn Hermes, FSP

The first two  are recent titles from Servant Books. The Guy's Guide has a smear of felt tip marker ink on the cover, (thanks to one of my kids), but otherwise is in fine condition. The third is from Pauline Media.

In the event of multiple winners, I'll put names in a hat and choose.

Here's the quiz:

1.This archangel is a patron of travellers and also of  those who would like to get married.
2. What is the meaning of St. Michael's name, and why is it appropriate for him?
3. We all know St. Gabriel was sent by God to the Virgin Mary. To whom else did Gabriel make a announcement of a future birth?
4.Which archangel gave advice about the medicinal value of fish gall bladders ?
5.Which archangel (s) appears in both the Old and the New Testaments?
6. His name means "God's strength."

Have fun.