Friday, September 30, 2011

Tell Me about Your Office

Time for a new feature which will be weekly if you like it. 
What popped out at you from this week's Divine Office?  A line from a psalm? One of the readings?  A particular antiphon? Or maybe the way the psalmody of one particular hour or day all hung together? 

This need not be a lengthy meditation (although it can be if the spirit moves you), just tell us what you liked, and, if you want, what further thought or inspiration it gave you.

I'll go first. The entire day's office yesterday was like a mini bible study on the angels. My favorite single line was the first antiphon of the Office of Readings: the sea grew turbulent and the earth trembled when Michael the archangel came down from heaven. Just because it's cool, apocalyptic imagery. I probably wouldn't want to be there when it actually happens, but it's fun to imagine.